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Battlefield 4's Final Stand

11/09/2014 12:00:00

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will feature futuristic tech this year, and so will Battlefield 4.


Electronic Arts and DICE have begun talking about the last DLC release for Battlefield 4, Final Stand. As previously hinted at, Final Stand will feature futuristic technology and is set in the snowy expanses of Russia.


Full details aren't being released just yet, but we know Final Stand will consist of four maps: Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Hangar 21, and Giants of Karelia (the one map that isn't completely covered in snow). These maps are said to offer "infantry-focused combat."


In the expansion, you'll get the chance to use "secret prototype weapons and vehicles," including a hover tank and a single-use rail gun that is found on the map.


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