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Battlefield 4 gets superservers to fight latency issues

29/04/2014 17:50:00

"High-performance servers" are the latest weapon DICE are throwing at Battlefield 4 to knock it into shape.


They hope that it'll reduce instances of rubber banding—when players appear to be running in one direction, but are teleported back a few steps thanks to a high-latency server hiccup. It's a very frustrating phenomenon in a reflex shooter when every player hop can ruin a perfectly good shot.


"We’ve found that the root cause of the issue was a configuration of certain hardware types dedicated to 64-player matches," writes DICE vice president Karl Magnus Troedsson on the Battelfield 4 site. "We have invested in new hardware to resolve this issue and deployed new higher-performance servers this week.


"In preparation, we conducted a significant amount of testing before installing the new servers to ensure they would correct the issue. We are already seeing performance improvement with 64-player matches and expect this to continue."


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