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Balrum, an old-schoool RPG with kick-arse turn-base combat system

28/03/2016 08:39:57

Balrum, the classic old-school isometric RPG (with fresh real-time/turn-based gameplay, tactical combat and comical quests) is now available to buy exclusively on Steam.


Developed by two young Hungarians - Attila Zborai and György Szőke of Balcony Team - Balrum is a return to classic old-school isometric RPGs, coupled with innovative real-time exploration/turn-based combat gameplay. 


Some of the key features:


Huge, classic isometric open-world RPG with day/night cycle and weather effects
Real-time exploration with deeply tactical turn-based combat (featuring stacks of abilities, status effects and pets)
Comprehensive settlement building system (total freedom, with no pre-existing templates)
Farming system with crops and livestock
Multi-pathed story with various guilds to join
Detailed survival skills and mechanics
Custom item crafting with player-created (rather than pre-defined) recipes
Wonderful, witty non-generic quests (nomadic warlock pigs, human-troll marriages and randy old witches spiking bachelors with love potion. The normal stuff...)


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