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Armored Warfare: Early Access begins with over 1 million applicants

29/05/2015 09:18:57

Obsidian Entertainment and are pleased to announce that more than 1 million gamers have signed up for the Early Access Tests for Armored Warfare, the upcoming tank multiplayer action game


The first round of the Early Access testing contains following features:


  • 38 vehicles from multiple countries of tiers 1 to 6
  • 4 PvP maps (Cold Strike, Port Storm, River Point and Ghost Field)
  • Updated artillery system (including new point of view, counter-battery indicator and incoming artillery warning)
  • Commander and crew Skills
  • Multiple tank upgrades (including smoke grenades and ERA)
  • Two tank dealers (Sofie Wolfli and Marat Shishkin)
  • Wide range of shells to use against your opponents
  • A clan system and a platoon System
  • Achievement system (for excellent performance in combat)



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