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AION Free-to-Play now available on Steam

21/12/2015 09:20:56

Gameforge has published award-winning MMO AION Free-to-Play on Valve’s digital distribution platform. All European users now have the opportunity to add AION Free-to-Play to their Steam library at no extra charge.


Nicolas Stumpf, Product Director of AION Free-to-Play at Gameforge: "This step allows us to enable even more players a straightforward point of entry to AION. It is part of our strategy to keep the still massive player count over the longer term and in doing so, generate the maximum level of fun within the exciting world of Atreia."


To help boost the Asmodian race, new players who select this type for their first character will receive a free Gold Pack when they reach level eight.


For users who have been playing AION Free-to-Play via the Gameforge Live client up to now, there is no change. The game will continue to be available directly via



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