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World of Warships: Matchmaking revamped!

02/10/2015 08:47:17

As per the latest patch, the battle-tier difference is now more fluent across all Tiers and classes.


Now, cruisers, destroyers, aircraft carriers and even battleships on lower Tiers will have to face off against opponents that are only one Tier higher. A significant change, if we dare say so ourselves! Tier IV and V Aircraft carriers will only face opponents, at most, one Tier stronger – the same goes for Tier III and IV battleships also, for example. Also, note that Premium ships have their own matchmaking table, as you can see from the picture below.


Please note that some mentioned Premium ships might not be available for purchase at the current time (Tirpitz), some have been temporarily removed from the game (Kitakami) and some had been given away as one-time gifts for alpha and beta testers (Iwaki Alpha, Arkansas Beta) and thus cannot be obtained anymore.


In cases when there are not enough players in the queue, usually during the morning hours, the matchmaking might need to forego said restrictions, in order to build the teams in a reasonable time.


World of Warships - Matchmaking revamped



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