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The German and Soviet fleet arrives to World of Warships!

21/10/2015 09:51:10

The brand new German cruiser and Soviet destroyer fleets are steaming into World of Warships. Which of them will be your favourite?


German cruisers and Soviet destroyers used to be like cats and dogs during WW2. In World of Warships, they can create a perfect synergy as part of the same team. Aggressive and blazingly fast, Soviet destroyers will be the ultimate hit and run machines, armed with high-speed, high-damage, torpedoes, which are only limited by their low range.


On the other hand, the Kriegsmarine German cruisers like to keep their distance, as their guns can outrange most of their peers and hit their target with unprecedented precision. Consider your playstyle and choose wisely which of the new two fleets will become your family. But of course, you can always choose both!



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