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World of Tanks Update 10.0: Improved Viewing Mechanics

08/10/2015 09:22:20

The viewing system will be undergoing some modifications in Version 10.0. These changes will result in the in-game viewing working more efficiently and reliably.


Currently, the viewing system in World of Tanks is based on two components: draw distance and spotting range.


Draw distance is the area in-game in which the game engine displays allied or enemy vehicles that have already been spotted. Currently, this area is represented by a 1000x1000m square around your tank. This means the maximum draw distance is 707m diagonally and 500m straight ahead, behind or to the side.


Spotting range is a circle within the draw distance, in which your vehicle can detect enemy vehicles. The spotting range depends on the vehicle’s characteristics, but it cannot exceed 445m. Equipment, additional consumables and crew members' skills can improve the view range. However, these "additional" meters facilitates faster spotting of hidden vehicles within that spotting range. However, the spotting range itself still cannot exceed 445 meters.


Changes in Version 10.0


In Version 10.0, the draw distance square will be replaced by a circle of 564m radius. This change will result in an even distribution around your vehicle and eliminate the irregularity of the previous system.


Note that, compared to the draw distance square, the draw distances will increase by about 13% (64 m) directly to the front, behind and sides, while the draw distance will generally remain similar in other directions.




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