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World of Tanks – Version 10.0: Tank Customization

29/10/2015 08:44:27

In the 10.0 Rubicon update of World of Tanks, the customisation system will be reworked.


What will be changed in the 10.0 update?


After the update, emblems and inscriptions will have a new purpose: now they will give you the opportunity to not only stand out from the crowd, but also to get bonuses to the major qualifications of your crew.


These bonuses will be applicable to all crew members (affecting all of them), or to individual tankers (affecting a specific crew member).


Individual bonuses and bonuses for all crew members are divided into two types:


Permanent bonuses – bonuses to major qualifications which apply for the entire battle.
Temporary bonuses – bonuses to major qualifications that start working after meeting specific conditions in battle.


How do bonuses to major qualifications work?


Each emblem or inscription applied to a tank adds a specific bonus to major qualifications. Bonuses for all crew members influence the whole crew and, depending on the activation conditions, they may add either +1% (permanent bonus) or +2% (temporary bonus) to a major qualification of the whole crew. Individual bonuses work in a similar way: +2% for bonuses that are active permanently and +3% for bonuses that are active after meeting certain conditions in battle. Activated bonuses will be displayed beside the major qualifications levelling scale.


Summing up the bonuses


There can be a maximum of two emblems and two inscriptions on a vehicle. Bonuses from different emblems and inscriptions will stack with each other in the event they give bonuses to the same crew members or the whole crew.



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