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StarCraft II Co-op Missions: Additional Commanders revealed

29/09/2015 09:04:03

Co-op Missions is an exciting new play mode coming to StarCraft II as part of Legacy of the Void.


In Co-op Missions, you’ll be able to assume the role of various commanders from the StarCraft II universe. Blizzard have already announced that Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis will be available—now Blizzard has announced three more!



Swann is a mechanical master of all things Terran. With Swann, you’ll have access to unique and advanced weaponry, which you can use to wreak unspeakable mayhem across the battlefield. Beginning each game with a massive laser drill, Swann will be unable to construct a Barracks. Instead, Swann relies entirely upon his mechanical prowess, and once he’s constructed his army there is little that can stop him.



As Zagara, you’ll experience with profound clarity why the Zerg are referred to as the Swarm. You’ll multiply your economy at breakneck speeds, and spawn units in relentless waves to assault your opponents. Zagara herself will be present on the battlefield, hosting a repertoire of abilities to lend aid to your efforts. Zagara can call down sacs that rain damage and more Zerg creatures, or spawn potent Hunter Killers to take down priority targets. Zagara can even increase the combat prowess of all friendly units by sending them into a frenzy.



Vorazun leverages the advanced technology of the Protoss with the cunning and adaptable aspects of the Dark Templar to devastating effect. Gain access to some of the most mysterious powers of the Protoss, such as Dark Archons, and use ancient technologies to perform powerful feats—like stopping time itself. With Vorazun, you’ll have some of the most versatile tools in the StarCraft universe available to you... the question is, will you be crafty enough to claim victory?



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