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SK Telecom T1 wins 2015 League of Legends World Championship

02/11/2015 14:33:47

For the second time in three years, SKTelecom T1 has achieved the pinnacle of competitive League of Legends, taking home the Summoner's Cup as the 2015 World Champions.


The 2015 season of the biggest game in the world completed yesterday in Berlin with SK Telecom T1 accomplishing a feat no one has ever done before when they beat KOO Tigers in a 3-1 series in front of a packed house in Berlin.


Though many predicted this victory, the series was not without some drama. Going into the finals, SK Telecom won all 12 of its games in the World Championship events; it looked entirely likely that they would do the impossible and have a perfect streak of zero losses.


Sure enough, SK Telecom won the first game against Koo Tigers handily. Telecom made some mistakes in game two that made it look like they might throw the game, but they came back to win again.


In game three, everything changed…


With nothing to lose, Koo Tigers played incredibly aggressive, snowballing an early advantage into a game that SK Telecom could not take back, even with some expert plays. SK Telecom's loss here was one of the biggest surprises of the 2015 World Championship, as well as one of the most dramatic games.



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