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Heroes of the Storm: New Heroes, skins and mounts coming soon

23/09/2015 09:45:07

Interested in what the Heroes of the Storm development team has been working on?


Well we’ve got a sneak peek at some of the new Heroes, skins, and mounts currently in development, including Lt. Morales, the combat medic; and Artanis, Heirarch of the Daelaam!


These skins and mounts aren’t available yet, but they’ll be warping into the Nexus soon. Until then, check out the video below for a closer look:


Lt. Morales

  • Master Lt. Morales
  • Apothecary Morales



  • Master Artanis
  • Purifier Artanis


Marshal Raynor and Themed Abilities
Buccaneer Falstad and Themed Abilities
Marshal’s Outrider Mount
Void Speeder Mount
Nexus Battle Beast Mount
Headless Horseman’s Charger Mount
Vulture Mount


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