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Halloween is coming to Guild Wars 2!

16/10/2015 08:57:56

Beginning on October 23, the Shadow of the Mad King event returns for nearly two weeks of ghoulish capers, spooky fights, and holiday fun!


Get ready for another year of tricks, treats, and terrible jokes as the pumpkin-headed former ruler of the Thorn dynasty graces Lion’s Arch with his presence. 


Ascent to Madness
Delve into the Mad King’s lair! This devilish dungeon encounter will bring you face-to-face with King Oswald Thorn himself for a frightful fight. Be on your guard – the diabolical monarch has deadly tricks up his sleeve.


The Mad King's Realm
Brave travelers can go trick-or-treating in the Mad King’s Labyrinth. Face off against the undead armies and festive frights bound in the Mad King’s Labyrinth, open haunted doors to kick off events, and beware the grisly monsters that prowl the maze!


The Mad King's Clocktower
Race against time in the Mad King’s Clocktower, Tyria’s most haunted jumping puzzle! Leap over the crumbling remnants of the clocktower, but be on your toes – one wrong move and you may fall into the rising tide of horror.


Lion's Arch Festivities
The rebuilt city of Lion’s Arch will be decorated for these traditional festivities. Doors to diverse attractions will dot the map, candy corn vendors will share their wares, and King Thorn himself will be making an appearance to tell jokes and play Mad King Says!


Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2015



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