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Guild Wars 2: Meet the Scrapper: Engineer’s Elite Specialization

21/09/2015 09:51:26

This mechanical master brings damage and disruption to the profession through a variety of ingenious inventions and electrifying abilities.


The noble engineer has always been a jack-of-all-trades; however, this profession has tended to avoid the brawl. Scrappers are in their element in the thick of the fighting, surviving by anticipation and sheer fortitude. That survivability comes from several places, including traits, new toolbelt skills, utilities and their new weapon… the Hammer.


Advancing Tyrian technology has freed our time to do other things. The scrapper extends this principle to the battlefield; the new class mechanic changes the way you approach (or do not approach!) allies and enemies during critical times. Becoming a scrapper changes your interaction prompt (usually done with the F key) to summon a multipurpose function gyro to rally a targeted downed ally or finish a targeted downed foe at range.


This allows you to keep the battle going and lock down a foe while your gyro gets your ally back into the fight or ends that pesky enemy before their friends can aid them. You’ll also be able to trait the function gyro so that it deploys with stability, further improving its odds of success.


Having beaten and welded new creations into existence at the workshop, the scrapper can equip a new selection of utilities: gyros. These tiny machines have been crafted with specialised purposes. Each gyro model has a limited amount of fuel before it detonates or is destroyed in a hail of dazing sparks. If traited, they’ll explode in a larger area while stunning foes.




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