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IDC/Games announces the Open Beta of the MOBA ‘CroNix Online’ for July 20th

15/07/2015 17:56:42

IDC/Games and Magics, the Korean developer, announce the launch of the CroNix Online Open Beta for July 20th. CroNix is a MOBA with a strategic component which redefines the genre to MOSA (Multiplayer Online Strategic Action).


IDC/Games, the online and mobile games publisher for Western markets with headquarters in Madrid, has carried out the complete localization of the game CroNix Online to Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Czech.


Next Monday, July 20th, the Open Beta will be available, which includes, in addition to the complete localization, all the changes made by Magics in the latest patch, which offers users a much improved gaming experience.


Among the changes, players will find a completely new and intuitive interface, the introduction of daily missions which will allow them to obtain additional rewards and an improvement to the matchmaking system, which makes access to the matches much faster.


Furthermore, a Manner Points system has been implemented in order to sanction inactive players and prevent the rest of the users from suffering the loss of experience as a consequence. However, this will not affect users who experiment exceptional connection problems.


Players who have signed up for the Beta ( will receive a message in their email informing them that it is available and they will have the chance to try out these new features in their own language. 



CroNix is a free-to-play MOBA set in a futuristic world devastated by numerous wars and natural disasters, which offers players unique battle arenas to test their skills against other opponents.


In this game, users will enjoy spectacular graphics, on par with the futuristic world it represents, as well as a great variety of characters and skills with which to plan their battle strategy.



Apart from these typical MOBA features, in CroNix, players will have to manage their resources and organize their attacks in an intelligent manner, which sets it apart from other games of the same genre. From this combination, an innovative sub-genre is born, the so called MOSAs (Multiplayer Online Strategic Action).


Victor Lamas, CEO of Nvia Group and IDC/Games said: “Ever since we found out about CroNix in Korea more than one year ago, we knew it was a game that we wanted to add to our portfolio, due to its quality, originality and the hours of fun it will bring us and to all the fans of action and fighting games.”


About IDC/Games


IDC/Games specializes in the management of all the processes needed to launch games at an international level, in a single company.


IDC/ Games’ services include localization, globalization, online marketing and payment solutions, always taking into account all the particularities of each market and offering tailored solutions to their needs.


Currently, IDC/Games is working on some well-known MMO games like Habbo Hotel, BattleSpace, CroNix Online, Korner 5, Ragnarök Online, Jagged Alliance Online and Berserk: The Cataclysm.


About CroNix


CroNix is the first online multiplayer strategic action game, which will immerse players into a frenetic post-apocalyptic world in which they will have to fight for their survival.


At the end of the XXI century, after the sudden depletion of fossil fuels, the so called “Energy War” broke out. An uncountable number of countries disappeared off the face of the earth and, after the collision of an asteroid against the moon, a new energy source (the Seeds of Disaster) was created, thus throwing those who were left into a power struggle moved only by greed.


Players will face off against never before seen nuclear weapons, unheard of superpowers, groups of people blinded by greed and many more unpredictable elements within a variety of spectacular battle arenas which nobody had set foot on before.


About Nvia:


With offices in more than 17 countries and headquarters in Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Singapore and Johannesburg, the Nvia Group has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in IT environments. All its tools and technologies have been developed in-house in order to cater to business needs. Our advanced technologies include AdServer, emailing services, browser technology and SDK, payment solution services, amongst others.

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