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X-Elimination, the new game mode in CroNix Online, will be included in its latest patch

06/11/2015 10:04:00

IDC/Games has included in its free MOBA a new game mode, which will allow players to prove they’re capable to work flawlessly in groups to achieve victory in PvP group combats.


IDC/Games announced today a new game mode, X-Elimination, and a new map, N.F.S.L. B7—a biotechnology lab in which each team of players will have to fight for victory.


In this new game mode, which is similar to the Elimination mode (PvE versus bots), players fight against each other in PvP mode, in one sole map that has a lot to do with the game lore.



Here, the players will have to perform as many assassinations as possible. They’ll also have to take into account that Ronic, the character who assists them during the tutorial, will make random appearances to help and momentarily boost the skills of the team that manages to claim him. In addition, the game will also randomly grant a booster to one player—named Subject X—of each team.


The team that gets to 60 first or has the most points after the 20 minute-match is over, wins.


To enjoy this new game mode, users can play the game for free on its official website:  




The new map and the game mode have been developed to make it easier to work out strategies and use tactics within PvP in teams. This includes places to hide, hallways that lie around the center of the map where you can attack the rearguard or nooks that will protect you while you regenerate your health. Each death counts for victory, and players will have to work together to not allow themselves any mistakes and come out on top of the enemy.


This video shows a gameplay of the new game mode: 




CroNix is a free-to-play MOBA set in a futuristic world devasted by a great number of wars and natural disasters. It offers its players a unique battleground to test their skills against each other.


In this game, users will be able to enjoy high quality graphics, suited to the futuristic world it represents, as well as a wide range of characters and skills to plan out their battle strategy.

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