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Aion: Wind of Fate update released

05/10/2015 09:49:17

Gameforge has announced that the Wind of Fate update has been applied to all EU language variants of Aion.


Beritra's conquest plans drive ever forward and he seeks for the powers of an unknown being, sealed away on a forgotten continent.


To raise this land from the bottom of the ocean up to the surface, other regions had to yield: Katalam, Tiamaranta and Sarpan have sunk into the sea's floods and have disappeared from the face of Atreia forever...


Unexplored regions: discover the regions of Vengar and Signia, which until recently were to be found on the bottom of ocean. There, amongst others, you will come across the mysterious people known as the Aquans, who were native to the floods till now. But be careful: enemy faction incursions can happen here at any time! Rifts allow you to travel to the enemy region and fight for the honour of your people.


New instance: Beritra has pushed into Makarna to seize the unknown power for himself. Follow him there with up to 11 fellow players at level 65 and stop his attempts! But be warned, Beritra has some devilish surprises in store for you and your comrades...


Territorial Battle: the Plaza of Challenge allows legions that are level 6 and up (of at least 12 players) to go up against each other. The winners will have claim to a territory village for a limited period of time and they also get to profit from special rewards, merchants, titles and buffs.


Changes to the stigma system: up till now you could socket 12 stigmas. Now the amount has been reduced to 6. If you have successfully socketed these, a further slot will open for a Vision Stigma. You now no longer need stigma shards for socketing, only Kinah. On top of this, characters will in future automatically receive stigmas with level ups - they no longer need to be purchased.



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